We provide the $ MMUSK token to invest in the opportunity of playing. A tile of 10×10 meters of land that is mapped on our planet would be given to our players. One can effectively buy a small piece of land that can be traded with others. However, since there are numerous opportunities to generate income from owning land, it is important to read our subsection of income streams.


Phase 1

Claim your Land The first phase of the project revolves around claiming a place on the map by purchasing non-fungible token. The world in meta X musk is split up into small pieces. Everyone can own a piece. Buying land NFT is very easy. After logging on to the site, you will be presented with a map of the world, cut up into small 10×10 meter tile pieces of land. You can simply select the tiles that have not been taken (without a flag on them) and pay for Ethereum or $MMUSK token to claim your piece of property. From that point on, the land belongs to you and only you, you get a verified and public proof of ownership using blockchain technology.

Another option to acquire land is to buy land off of someone on the free market. The marketplace, as it is called in the game, provides all users with an overview of the tiles that are up for grabs. When you own a piece of land, you are able to choose whether you would like to let others place a bid for your property, or ask for a fixed price.

The first phase is the one we are in at the moment and refers to the possibility of receiving a mystery box every time you buy new land. The purpose is to create surprise and mystery. This includes different surprises and unexpected gifts that could be beneficial to your land.

As described above, this is the time to purchase your land and trade it to get the best slots. The inventors have stated that it is key to own areas that are: potentially rich in natural resources, have a lot of foot traffic (shopping malls that can be monetized), or are densely populated (allowing you to collect taxes from your property). However, as more tiles are sold, prices rise. For the simple reason that most of the land prices will still go up as more are sold.

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