Land NFT describes itself as a futuristic concept of a second world; an economics-themed metaverse between a virtual and physical reality. Well with that most has probably been said, the platform has a clear long-term vision. If any virtual world concept has ever been successful, it has probably not come as close to early success as Land NFT has.

A virtual world that is owned by users and built in a regionally optimal 3D virtual map, utilizes space organization’s data, such as DSS Consortium, SDSS, NASA/ESA, that will contribute more than anything in making metaverse attractive. Land NFT is one of the latest manifestations of the NFT trend, where investors buy NFT Lands and other blockchain-based assets in the hope of sole ownership and profitable investment. Therefore, Land NFT rather than a non-fungible token is also a great opportunity to build and develop on top of the land and then resell NFT Lands in the marketplace that provide liquidity to MMUSK tokens and build up a sense of accomplishment by earning profits for investors. Without being mentioned, Land NFT also provides the opportunity to build on land digital assets that could benefit one’s account, in addition to more income streams that are still confidential at this stage.

In short, Land NFT is an economics-themed metaverse that builds on the actual real-time universe. Within it, users are able to buy and trade properties, develop them with houses and resources, and potentially monetize their property with our token $MMUSK.

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