Income streams

  1. The price of land fluctuates from country to country: each country starts with a very attractive price. The value of land changes depending on trading price and demand per country, giving you potential opportunities to buy low and sell high. Land value increases like stocks, therefore, it is recommended to buy during the early stage. This means that you should find the next country that you think will go up in price and invest there.

  2. Land Income Tax: is income you receive on the land you own based on future net sales of land in that country. You do not need to do anything special to receive this income, it is automatically credited to your account each time new sales occur in the country of which you own the land. The more land you own the more income tax your land will receive on future purchases. You can receive higher brackets of Land Income Tax on your land by buying land earlier and getting a better class of land. There are only a limited number of Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 tiles available per country.

  3. Resources Gatherer: When users find loot, treasure, or resources on land that you own, you will automatically be given a portion of the ownership depending on what type of land class you own. For instance, oil gold. These are part of the resources that would be available in phase

  4. Advertisement Income: When advertisements are delivered on land that you own, you will be given a portion of the revenue generated from those advertisements depending on that class of land you own.

  5. Digital Assets: When users build on land that you own you will receive a portion of the value of those digital assets. So if a user wishes to build a house, game, shopping center and so forth, on land that you own, part of the value of the assets used to build will be given to you in dollar value and credited to your account.

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