Buildings are generally fixed, functional, player-controlled constructures in meta X musk Universe. The role of buildings is generally to enable the production of units and/or unlock higher tech and function, although a few specialised buildings are meant to contribute to static defense. Certain buildings can potentially be moved in meta X musk Universe, but lose their functionality while mobile. There are 5 categories of buildings in meta X musk Game:

  1. Static Defense Building

    These buildings are constructed to provide protection in a certain area. Their general purpose is to stop or at least to discourage an opponent from attacking that area, but they can often be used in tandem with invasion. Some, such as Defense Turrets, or Meta Shields, may be placed around the base and especially around resource nodes specifically to provide detection.

  2. Supply Buildings

    These buildings are where the bulk of offensive and defensive units are produced. These units serve to increase the chance of the player's ability to survive in the wild. They also server to manufacture raw materials for the popurise of building development and weapon manufacture.

  3. Technology Buildings

    These buildings open up new technology for a player, whether that be new units, buildings, weapons and/or upgrades for units/buildings/weapons.

  4. Mining Machines

    These buildings are used to mine minerals from the MetaMusk surface, and forging them into useful items. The landscape is speckled with deposits that contain ore, uncured shards, and rare gemstones. After harvesting these, forge them into essential materials for weapon production and suits of armor by infusing the materials with energy. Some materials are much more rare, and provide stronger bonuses to your equipment. Wield these yourself for an advantage in combat, or sell them on the meta X musk Marketplace

  5. Storage Unit

    These units are used for resource and weapon storage. Make sure you guard them well.

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